Lookup IP Address

Our website provides a useful IP lookup tool to help you find your own IP address quickly and all the details associated with this IP address. When you are surfing the Internet, websites you visit are able to identify your approximate location based on the IP address information your computer provides. If you wish to hide your IP address information, you need to use a proxy when you are surfing the Internet to hide your details.

Based on the IP address, our website is able to determine your city/country & the Internet Service Provider you're using. The reasons most users need to know their IP address is mainly for online gaming, getting help from technical support who require your IP address, using remote desktop connections, trying to determine your internet speed. These are the most common reasons you're asked to find your IP address.

On our website, you're able to find your IP address as well as all the associated information with your IP address. We also show you how to change your IP address/hide your IP address.